Central Florida Cruisers


Our organization, the Central Florida Cruisers, Inc was formed in 1970, in Orlando, as the Orange County Cruisers. The Club's uniform for everyone was a white dress shirt with Cruiser logo, black slacks, black boots, black vest and for the formal riding events white helmets and white gloves were de rigueur. Dues were $60 per year and every member had to belong not only to the AMA but also to the now defunct AMA District 8. Membership varied between 100 and 150 riders and membership requirements were significant, usually requiring 6 months to complete.

During these early years a Cruiser event would draw 300 to 500 participants, usually starting on a Friday evening and culminating on Sunday with a police escorted ride. The 10 year anniversary bash drew over 1000 participants not only from all of Florida but also from Georgia and Alabama. We continue to have Club members who not only participated in those events but who were named the male and female Top Riders for all of Florida by the AMA's District 8. It took almost 10 years but in 1979 and 1980 the Cruisers purchased land and built their first Clubhouse in Ocoee. For the next 20 years this Clubhouse served as the focal point for meetings, dinners, events and the primary social gathering place for most of the members.

The Clubhouse was lost to the City by the Eminent Domain law in 2000. Throughout these years the Club underwent many trials and difficulties as did most other motorcycling related organizations. The number of motorcycling organizations began to proliferate, but a determined Cruiser organization refused to be swept away by these events. The hunt for a new Clubhouse and a new identity began with the typical biker fervor, screw it, let's get it done. The new and current Clubhouse opened in Umatilla in 2002 and along with the new Clubhouse came our new name,

The Central Florida Cruisers, which better reflects the geographical drawing of where our members live. In addition to our new Clubhouse and name, the Cruisers also embraced the changing culture of today's motorcycle rider and enthusiast. Our current membership is approximatley 100 and we ride and participate in support of many charitable causes.

The Cruisers' organization is lead by a group of seven Officers and Directors who are elected annually with no one individual being able to serve in any singular capacity for more than three continuous years. Our dues are $30 per year and our membership requirements are minimal. There are no restrictions on what bike, trike, or scooter you may ride or that you even own one. Enthusiasts without a ride are also welcome.

For more membership information please call 352-455-1051 

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